Monday, June 19, 2017

Importance of CNC turned components

Flexibility and adaptability are the immense necessities in industries and the introduction of CNC (computer numerical control systems) principle is introduced in machining operations to provide high accuracy and repeatability with automated controls. A CNC machine has fully automated and works continuously for hours and days together to produce high quality materials. Hence, single operator may be required to handle manifold CNC machines at one time as this machine can work continuously without the loading, unloading and changing of shifts thereby reducing the chances of human errors. CNC machines are able to produce approximately thousands of design patterns which are identical in each processing time. However, absolute machine tools are necessarily required for the maintenance of CNC machines.
Factors influence efficiency and output in the metal cutting process:
  1. Cutting speed/ cutting force
  2. Angles of cutting tools
  3. Depth of cut and work piece
  4. Feed rate and spindle speed
  5. Quality and Time
High grade materials like steel are used for CNC turned components and its high tensile strength is beneficial for its mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy. These high quality components are generally used in construction and mining, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, engineering and allied industries. Moreover, these machines use up to date machine technology and software for the maintenance of production unit. 
The CNC turned parts are made out of materials that includes:
  1. Plastic
  2. Aluminium
  3. Yellow metals
  4. Carbon & alloy steel
  5. Stainless steel
Precision turned parts are textile machine parts, engine parts, automotive parts, bolts, nuts, oil drilling, stainless steel fittings, Tapered threads , friction discs, pipe fittings, nozzles, couplings & nipples, drive shafts, clamping, solid bearings, wheel studs & offsets, inserts, etc.
These components provide benefits of improved following attributes:
Reliable High speed performance
Precise dimension
  1. Durability
  2. Compact Design & size
  3. Heat resistance
  4. Corrosion resistance
  5. Long service life
  6. Smooth finish
These components are widely useful as machine spare parts which are customized as per the customers’ preferences or unique needs. Also they are made at a certain temperatures using combinations of alloys as per different industrial functions. A manufacturing industry achieve high growth relies on optimized machine parts manufactured for meeting high precision. There are specialized CNC turning machines turns out intricate parts within a quick set time limit. Hence for all these reasons CNC machined parts are supplied to manifold of industries for varied purposes based on their applications and usage.

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